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*wastes inordinate amount of time on uncoloured doodle*





oh my god i want to rub this fanart all over my face

Ah!  The artist fixed this!  The original one had Ilana with 6 fingers on one of her hands.  I remember being like: “THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL BUT I CANNOT GET OVER THAT EXTRA FINGER BEING THERE!”

actually, I didn’t fix it- someone else noticed it before I did and fixed it FOR me, and I was super honoured and saved that version. No idea who it was but I’m super thankful they did.

I drew this right after to post as a sort of “follow up” but I don’t know if I ever posted it:

hahaha thank you guys though <3 I should draw more SBT art.

oh my goodness this show why did it have to get cancelled



troll dump; these are old. I drew these all at least a year ago I think? maybe not that much? oh well. Also since at the time these trolls were brand new I was a bit… liberal, artistically, with how they looked, sorry man I only had sprites to work with. Hahaha, Gamzee is comically chubby! And don’t ask about Equius. Just don’t ask.

…anyway, is it drawwhoring to post things you drew a long time ago, if it is topical and in the middle of the night? shit! is that kosher?? fuck it, it’s my tumblr, I am going to drawwhore everywhere and on everything. Stand back.

dat sollux



Cas, baby, what have you been doing?

Season 7 makes me sad.

nothing im drawing is coming out right. the justice system is fucked up. im sick. and i want to cry.

only karkat can understand my pain we will cry and sneeze together



/rolls into a ditch

i’m all over this just sayin

i just love how their hands are intertwined

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And then I herped my derp all over photoshop trying desperately not to make her look like Vriska.

I’m still not sure if I succeeded.

no words just stare


i thought it would be fun to try drawing the kids so that they actually look the right age

but drawing 13-year-olds is difficult lol

love rose’s lips


i like doc scratch

all my favorite characters are the big assholes



peaceful kk. so very in character.

thank you to everyone who joined me in livestream today.

it was a lot of fun! ;v;

beautiful everything.

gorgeousss oh god the notes haha

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by Yuri Leonov

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A blind visual artist. ›

aaah he’s amazing

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Spike wrote a fic about Slick giving protips to Karkat about hitting on ladies, and I wanted to draw it because she is wonderful and makes damn amazing things. Here you go, baby!

Spades Slick, the smoothest operator of them all.


so ummm i REALLY REALLY like jizzybro’s trickster mode designs especially the male grimdark rose ;___;



will we ever make up and be friends

i will never get tired of adventure time art from emi

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